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May I ask you something?

Do you want to work with someone who, from the first moment of the working relationship, is focused on you and what you want? Someone creative, reliable, honest, capable and 100% commited to your fulfilment? Someone who is there for you, providing a quality one-to-one engagement, as well as being responsive and timely.

If this is true for you then you've come to the right place. Welcome :)

I look forward to working with anyone who is seeking a true graphical representation of who they are, what they do, and what they stand for.

Contact me now, or check out my prices, portfolio and testimonials from the menu above.


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I would like to thank you, Jane, for your inspiring, creative, intuitive gifts and your patient loving care in creating me a website, that reflects me, as well as the work I do. The magic of working with you was incredible. I was overwhelmed in starting this project and you made it easy, fun, and creative, as well as allowing me to move at my own pace. Your suggestions, your detailed listening of my emails, and creative solutions were amazing!! - Sherrie Hatfield